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Chris' Cottage Garden

Chris is a gardener in SW Washington in a small town called Kelso. She's close to Mt. St. Helens and the Pacific beaches. She's married with 6 sons and 7 grandchildren. Chris says that gardening is "the best thing in life to take away the daily stress. Just get out in your garden and get those hands in the soil and plant." She says that it's great to be working in the garden, because "you get to watch the beauty take hold and surround you!" Along with her gardening, Chris is very much into Crafts. You will see much of her handiwork in the following pictures. Visit her homepage.

This is proud Grandma Chris with Lil Jack

This is what Chris' home looked like when they bought it 6 years ago. Before the picture was taken, they had to mow down waist-high grass. Eventually, the grass was taken out and the area "rocked" in, so no more mowing.

This is the same house after Chris used her magic on it. The eaves are pine boards that Chris cut out, painted white, and then stenciled with a wisteria pattern.

The front entrance arbor coming into the front yard has Trumpetvine on each side and gives loads of color in the late summer. The trumpetvine is a wonderful vine, but like most vines, needs to be controlled.

If I were a bird, I'd want to live in one of the houses Chris has made.

What a great place to sit and relax.

Another great relaxation spot. Chris' husband built this swing for enjoying warm summer evenings. She has planted clematis on either side to soften the look and provide color.


Close up view of trailing petunias and yucca plants. The smaller picture is the same shot from another angle and distance. Chris loves the trailing petunias for the soft look and summer-long color they provide in her garden.


No, the ducks aren't real, but don't they provide a beautiful addition to Chris' small pond. Of course, her cats think that this is their water dish.

At the time this picture was taken, Chris had had the Empress Tree (in the background) for about a year. The climbing "Blaze" roses came from her grandmother's yard.

I would love to have one-tenth of Chris' artistic talent. This is a floral birdhouse she made for one of her sons.

Fluff hasn't quite decided whether the deer are real, yet. But, for now, he's content to lie amongst them on a sunny day.

Taken at different times of the year, these pictures show the beauty of floral plantings around a fountain. The plant is called Lucifer. It grows well in the Pacific Northwest, and has a pleasant spreading habit.

Chris would love to hear from you.

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