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Here are some pictures from Marlene's Garden.
Thanks, Marlene, for sharing your hollyhocks with us.
Visit her web site for more great garden pictures.

I think I would kill to have this in my garden. I love the rich shade of pink at the center and how it gracefully transitions to the white edge.
It doesn't have the same delicacy of the picture above, but these are just beautiful.
What huge blossoms!

Instructions from Marlene:

Dancing Hollyhock doll.

Pick an opened flower with 1/4" stem and a tight flower bud. Peel away the green covering that encloses the bud. Stop when you reach the petals. Push the small stem of the opened flower (the skirt) into the base of the bud's folded petals (the doll's body). Place your doll on water. She floats! Watch her dance as she glides around in the water.


Marlene adds: I have had good success with 4 O'Clocks. I like to plant these near a outside light as they almost glow in the dark with the light. I also enjoy cockscomb or Fire Chief, coneflowers, daylilies, naked ladies, daisies, caster bean (one of my favorites for height and color), elephant ear, coleus (adds beautiful color to the garden and porch), ajuga or bugle weed, basil (purple for color and smell), parsley (I plant this for the butterflies), dusty miller, lambs ear ( I think it smells like apple), redhot poker (the hummingbirds like it), chives, onion (gets large round flower head and looks great with flowers), columbine, creeping phlox, obedient plant, impatiens, poppies, hollyhock, white and pink wax begonia, cleome or cat whiskers (comes up on its own), Black-Eyed Susan, and salvia.

Marlene gardens in zone 6. Her gardening problems are poison ivy and honeysuckle. They have more than their fair share of poison ivy. It is very aggressive and hard to kill. The Honeysuckle covers and smothers trees. But it provides food and shelter for the birds, so she just tries to keep it under control. Someday, she hopes to plant Gunnera near the pond. She has found that landscaping the pond is impossible because of the ivy. Her husband is in the process of fencing the pond so goats can clean it up. Her web site is great and includes more pictures of her garden. And — you can learn all about hunting bears (grin).

If you would like to share your garden pictures, please contact me and I will give you upload instructions.

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