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In addition to showing you pictures of my new landscaping, I want to talk a little about what changes I made and why. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

OK. The side yard is first. I have some cacti that I'm putting in here along with some groundcover perennials, some drought and heat-tolerant shrubs, and some ornamental grasses.
This bed is about 9 feet wide and 56 feet long. It has a fence along the back 25 feet or so, and railroad ties along the front 30 feet.
First, we got rid of this tree. It wasn't looking healthy, so Frank and Tom took it down. In it's place, we planted a Mexican Bird of Paradise. It's a nice lacy shrub that has the most beautiful orchid-like flowers in orange and yellow. As the plant begins to fade in autumn, the flowers change to red and deep gold. It's really lovely. I'll also add a variety that has only yellow flowers to keep the yellow color there through the fall.
There are three of these "groupings" in the side garden. The little bit of green in the middle is one of the orange/yellow Mexican Bird of Paradise. On either side are two groundcover plants -- gazanias. They'll spring out to form a nice multicolored base under the shrub. Next summer, I'll put up pictures of the "finished" product.
One of the gazania plants is an "Aztec Stripe". It has a white daisy-like flower with a magenta stripe running down the middle of each petal. They are gorgeous!
Bunny Ears and Mexican Bird of Paradise are added to the back of the side garden.

Side Yard 1
Side Yard 2
Front Yard 1
Front Yard 2
Front Yard 3
Back Yard

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