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Isn't this just the most beautiful amaryllis? Must admit that I love being able to have these in my yard in the spring.
Love the picotee edging on this one.
The aptenia does tend to take over. But trim it up once a year, and it does just fine.
One of my favorites -- Cream California Poppies.
These are the neatest pots. Got it at Home Depot. It is two half pots that fit around a post. Has a nice reservoir at the bottom and holds a lot of plants. The vinca in this is just unbelievable.
More aptenia, and a beautiful color bowl.
More gazanias.
Still more gazanias.
Aptenia and ice plant.
My dahlia. It didn't last long — they really DO hate anything over 85 degrees. But it was glorious while it lasted.
Aptenia and hibiscus.
My little "side garden". Only place in the front with "standard" perennials.
Yes, the grass is a problem we have had, but the agave and aloe are truly beautiful, and the grass problem is just about solved.
Did somebody say wildflowers? Mexican evening poppies and California poppies.
The bright yellow flowers are desert marigolds. They are beautiful, aren't they?
The yellow Mexican Bird of paradise is overloaded with seeds, but I love the little daisies that popped up under it.
A red Mexican Bird of Paradise in all of its glory. Gotta love it.
Wow! My spiral cactus bloomed, and bloomed, and bloomed.
A cattail in the desert? Where did THAT come from?
Another bloom on the spiral cactus.
More wildflower shots.
Cherie hibiscus. Love the colors.
Isn't this exquisite? Bridal hibiscus.
My favorite. Amour Hibiscus.
Our new front patio.
Lantana does very well down here.
Petunias and bacopa make a beautiful hanging basket on the back patio.
Pomegranate flowers.
Our pool painting.
This Shasta daisy showed up from somewhere.
Common hibiscus with an overflow of alyssum.


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