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First amaryllis of the year.
One of the new raised pots in the corner garden. Lobelia, Dusty Miller, Bacopa, Trailing Rosemary, Salvia, and Verbena. Should be gorgeous when it fills out. Put it in the shade of the palm tree to protect it some from the hot sun.
My succulent garden. Love the flapjack kalanchoe near the back. It gets quite large. This is the third generation. Again, it needs to fill out some, but I'm very pleased with it. Just need to get some more things to drape over the edges.
Moss rose pot. These are just babies, but they will fill out and drape over the edge soon.
From father back, you can see how we put the pots on pillars.
My bower vine. Part of the jasmine family. Absolutely beautiful colors, but no scent. :-(
This is a cocktail tree. It has four different fruits grafted onto the main trunk. Ruby red grapefruit, valencia orange, navel orange, and lemon.
I love this desert globemallow. Unfortunately, it's in a terrible place. Growing up under and around the pool filter. I've tried to move it, but the tap root is just too deep. The transplants don't survive, and the plant comes back year after year. It's worth it.
As you can see, the front yard has grown in very nicely. I have Mexican evening primrose (the pink flowers) where I didn't expect them, but they are beautiful to look at and to smell.
Another view of the front yard. The yellow Mexican bird of paradise is in bloom, and the red version is just coming up. My ocotillo finally decided to join the rest of the ocotillos in the neighbord and come to life in the right season. Won't be long before it's in bloom.
Here's my cactus mound. The spiral cactus is the focal point of the bed and has grown about 5 feet in the past two years. It's really something to look at. Other cacti on the hill include a monstrose, several hedgehog cacti, and some strawpile cacti. There are also a couple of very small mammalia cacti.
One of the hedgehogs is in bloom, and gorgeous. Won't be long before they're all in bloom.
Didn't plant primroses under the palo verde tree, but I'm very happy they're there. Just beautiful. The blooms are almost gone from the palo verde, but it wll be leafing out soon, and look even more gorgeous.
My fig tree. The neighbor's air condition drips constantly not far from the tree, and I think the roots have all moved into the next yard. Must admit it's growing very well, and we already have figs growing for summer eating.
Another view of the cactus mound.
Here's one of the blossoms from the hedgehog. I really love the brilliant colors.
Primroses and palo verde.
Close up of one of the primroses. Such a delicate color.
My lupines decided to come up this year. Experience says that I will have more each year.
Spike has grown a lot!
Desert marigolds and Mexican Evening Primrose. Beautiful.
An arm broke off my "Joseph's Coat" cactus from the patio, and we decided to plop it in the ground in the front yard. It's growing like a weed! The colors change throughout the year. At times, it's green and white. Other times, it develops this beautiful red color.
My lone grapefruit!
Pink oleander.
White oleander.
Pomegranate tree in it's temporary box.
This is a pummelo tree. It's a forerunner of the grapefruit. It bloomed this year, so we'll see if we get fruit. It's supposed to be bigger and sweeter than most grapefruit.
My new plant stand is still waiting to get it's coat of stain, but I really life the way moving all of the plants to one part of the patio has opened up everything and made watering much easier. The plants on the backside are shaded all day, and the plants on the front get all of the sun.
More of the patio plants.
The shady side of the planter. The succulent garden has since been moved to another location.
As you can see, the amaryllis are just getting ready to bloom. The hibiscus is growing leaves from the bottom (parts of it died off in the cold winter).
This is such a beautiful color for a rose. Deeply scented. The picture is blurry, but I just had to share it.
My favorite rose. The colors are almost fluorescent, and the shape of the flower is unbelievable.


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