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In addition to showing you pictures of my new landscaping, I want to talk a little about what changes I made and why. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

First a few "before" shots of the front yard. Shortly after these were taken, the rains began to fall, and we had daily rain for about a week. As soon as the rain started, the crabgrass began to grow. You'll see a lot of unexpected green in some of the after pictures. This crabgrass will be removed and various rocks and sands will be used to "weedproof" the yard. I apologize for the shadows. It's the north side of the house, and I wasn't able to catch it completely in the sun.
Another view of the front. The date palms at left behind the house and at right in front of the house are sturdy, but have been causing our neighbor to the west considerable problems. Frank and Tom gave them a crewcut which you'll see in later pictures, and we'll be able to keep them up from now on. As long as they are manageable, we'll keep them.
Another View of the front.

That pretty much covers the before. In two weekends, we were able to plants several "groupings" that will grow and create a nice drought- and heat-tolerant landscape that needs very little water.

Side Yard 1
Side Yard 2
Front Yard 1
Front Yard 2
Front Yard 3
Back Yard

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