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In addition to showing you pictures of my new landscaping, I want to talk a little about what changes I made and why. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Another shot of the palm trees.
Palm tree with a crewcut. On the roof is our internet "connection". Service provided by Netbeam and C12.com. Wireless and VERY fast. About 10 times faster than our modem. And, it doesn't use a phone line.
Another view of the palm tree's crewcut. Look at the sky. It really looked like this. (I left the small picture for the sky.)
The two palm trees are at the edge of the property. The ground beneath the trees is littered with dates and baby palms. These are extremely difficult to pull out, even when small. So, it will be necessary to pull the dates out of the trees before they drop in the future.

Our new ocotillo. It doesn't look like much now, but it will look great in about 6 months when it leafs out and produces flowers.

These are sold in a dried, dormant state. The guy at Arizona Cactus Sales said that it could take 6 months to a year for it to come back, but we're already seeing signs of growth.

We put in an ocotillo and added some small cactus to form a grouping. The small cactus "behind" ocotillo in this grouping are euphorbias of various types. There's a ferocactus pringlet in front, and a cleistocactus straussii silver torch in the left front of the picture. None of these will get big enough to overpower the look of the ocotillo, but they will add some interesting shapes and colors.
Gazanias. Note how the orange one has squared tips on the petals. These are near the ocotillo grouping.
Similar to the Aztec Stripe gazania, but yellow petals. This is on the west side of the house. The gazanias close up at night and don't reopen their blooms until the temperature comes back up and the sun is bright.
This beautiful Mexican Palo Verde tree was growing just behind the backyard wall. It was beginning to impede the garbage truck, so we were asked to take it down. Since it was exactly what I wanted for my front yard, we decided to try to move it. Only time will tell whether it will take root and grow.

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