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This is how my garden looks in Spring 2000. Compare it with the same garden (well, kinda) in 1998, and you'll see what a difference a couple of years can make.

The little plants in the walkway are blue-star creepers. They're so perky and seem to hold up well with the traffic.
Well, this doesn't look quite like the picture in the pot, but it's an African Daisy. I like it, but I'll be interested to see whether all of the blooms look the same or not.
Now this is an African Daisy that looks like the picture. The pink flower next to it is a Pink Panda ornamental strawberry. They pretty much have the run of the garden and are providing a lot of spring color this year.
Another beauty. I may end up using this as wallpaper on my desktop. This is another variety of African Daisy with another Pink Panda at the top.
I managed to keep the slugs away from some of my delphiniums. These are very small, but the colors are beautiful, and this picture doesn't do it justice. I'm looking forward to seeing what these will look like next year.
I haven't got a clue what this is, although I believe that it's an allium of some sort. It has a bulb, strappy leaves, and the top is very fuzzy. It's interesting, but I'm not in a hurry to get more of them.
I am SO glad that I added poppies to this year's garden. I planted them in groups of 3-5 in complementary colors. I need to add a few more for next year as they are really about the only things truly in bloom at this time of the year. Everything else is coming or going.
OK. It's not the greatest picture in the world. I have a cedar tree in my front yard that has this bowed limb fairly low on the trunk. I have hung two fuchsia baskets from the limb at different heights. One basket has "First Love" and the other has "Moonlight". They are different but complement each other well. First Love is a double with a dark magenta center and pale pink outer section. Moonlight is a single with a mostly white interior and just the faintest pink exterior. I found it today and love it.
I wasn't really sure that I would like fringed tulips, but this one is to die for. The pale lemon color is very cheery on the dimmest of days, and the edges are very delicate looking. I'm planning an getting more next year. I paired these with a lily-flowering tulip of pink/yellow. The combination is rather striking and pleased me very much this spring.
Thrift and stock. These are at the edge of my lawn. The grass-like leaves of the thrift look great against the lawn.

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