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This is Lithodora 'Grace Ward'. The spread is about 2-1/2 feet and one tiny root system feeds the whole thing. The color of the flowers is electric blue.
Here's another picture for comparison with the 1998 garden. As you can see, the path has taken on a much more natural look, and I have some Kenilworth Ivy spreading through the entire bed. Just to give you an idea of size, the hosta shown at the bottom of the picture has leaves that are about 12" long.
Same garden as above, but looking back in the other direction. In this shot, you can see the hosta (near the top of the picture) that I mentioned previously, as well as bleeding hearts, lady fern, violets, primroses, and forget-me-nots. The forget-me-nots are new this year, so I expect that I'll have a lot more of them next year.
This lady fern was salvaged after a mudslide left a rather large fern on the side of the road. I brought it home, divided it into three separate plants and turned them loose. They are extremely happy and grow to a lovely size each year.
At the end of the garden we've just seen pictures of, there is a rather large cedar tree. This little garden sits behind that tree. Pink and white bleeding hearts, hostas, hardy fuchsias, and forget-me-nots are the key inhabitants here.
I just love the markings on this little hosta. This one is new this year, and I look forward to watching it grow more and more each year.
I have three containers of tulips that I put out front as they begin to bloom. After the blooms have faded, I snap off the heads to prevent seeding and will move them out of sight to die back in peace. I found that planting the tulips in the garden was a surefire way of killing them as they really dislike getting too much water while in their dormant stage. In the garden, the regular watering of the perennials just led to bulb rot on my tulips. I have found that these containers have solved the problem as I can control the water they get during the summer.
Well, the azalea you see here used to fill this whole bed. While pruning it back after the blooms had faded the first year, I got a bit carried away and turned it into a Japanese style bush. It is very graceful looking and the reduction in girth has given me a lot of space to put a hosta garden around it. Also, I have some Wood Hyacinths planted beneath the azalea and find that they complement each other very well. As you can see, the azalea doesn't seem to mind the drastic pruning a bit.
This little shade garden was my first. As such, it is probably most in need of a total redesign. But, I add a few plants and move a few plants each year, and it is coming along very nicely.
Finally I got lily-of-the-valley to bloom in my garden. For some reason, I haven't had a lot of luck with it, but I've got around 10 of them this year. They go very nicely with the forget-me-nots and I look forward to having more of them in the future.

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