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OK. For all of you who have been begging for pictures from my garden, here you go! And a special thanks to Jim for loaning me his digital camera, because we ALL know that I'll never make it to the drugstore to get my film developed. (For those who are interested, the camera is a Kodak DC210. Out of my price range, but judge for yourself the quality of the pictures.

The story of my garden stumps everywhere. But, you do what you can, right? So, I convinced my husband that he had nothing better to do (yeah, right) and asked him to hollow out a bowl in the top of the stump. I planted it with shallow-rooted plants, and they are extremely happy. It has really turned a potential eyesore into a focal point in the garden.

This is my north garden. It gets more sun than you would expect during the summer evenings, so I don't have any deep shade plants in it, but it's loaded with fuchsias and hostas, primroses, ferns and violets. I love the contrast between the bark mulch and the cedar playchips on the path.

Just a quick shot of the hostas, hellebores and bleeding hearts.

The blue in the back is a tarp over my neighbor's gas meter. Don't I wish it were a gorgeous flower? :D


Isn't this gorgeous? It's a Western Sword Fern (still recovering from being transplanted. I found it at a yard sale. OK, it wasn't actually in the yard, it was in the woods next to the yard, but I asked, and the owner said yes, so I dug up 4 of the nicest sword ferns for my garden. It's hard to tell from here, but it's got a 3-foot spread right now, and it'll get bigger. If you're not familier with this fern, it has thick, leathery fronds. The new fronds are a bright green which darken to an evergreen with age. Another nice thing about these they're evergreen.

Nestled in the nook between the roots of a cedar tree, this 2nd-year hosta has really come back with a vengence this year.

I think it's just amazing what you can find at the drugstore these days. I found a couple of huge bleeding hearts for a very small amount of money, and they now happily reside in my garden.

Still in the box ready for planting, these coleus will provide a lot of color in the north garden. I had several coleus in the garden last year, but I was out of town when the first freeze hit, and I hadn't taken cutting yet. This year, I'll get the cutting earlier. What a range of colors, and all in pony packs of 6 plants for 59 cents!

Well, that's about it for my north garden. To see other gardens, click on a link below.

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