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We bought a major fixer-upper (story available). Unfortunately, the yard has been one of the last things to be renovated. We have no soil to speak of, so raised beds are required for almost anything. To get a lawn in the back yard, we will need to cover the existing ground (otherwise the rocks grow overnight). We want to put in a multi-level deck, but until we do, I've prettied up our concrete slab as much as possible with planters. Here are some of the things on my patio.

This garden was inspired by a picture I saw in a magazine. It sports a miniature apple tree (6-8 feet at full height) and various plants at the foot of the tree. Right now, the pansies are taking over. I also have lobelia and spring-blooming bulbs in this planter. The appleblossoms were beautiful this spring, and the apples are growing nicely.


This is similar to the apple tree planter, but it contains a miniature peach. It's been slow to get going, but it's doing well, now. Lots of pansies again, but there is also a calla lily in the front of the planter. If the pansies get too overpowering for the calla, I'll move the calla to the front garden.

The last of the large planters has a fig tree and NO pansies! It does, however, have lobelia, trailing petunias, spring-flowering bulbs and this geranium. I never liked geraniums, but it must be like broccoli you learn to appreciate it when you grow up.


Isn't this just beautiful? I had more than enough pansies, but saw this one and had to have it!


I liked this picture so much, I made it the wallpaper on my computer. I may never get any work done if I keep stopping to admire the colors.

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