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Color on the Patio

Flowers cascading frombaskets and tumbling over tubs and terra-cotta pots can bring warm and inviting summer color to your patio.

Cascades of Color

Choose a sunny, sheltered patio corner or wall for this potted garden of vibrant hues. Planting containers and pots allow you to use flowers that are not hardy in your area. Many plants shown here are summer container plants that will not survive the winter outdoors. In fall, annuals, such as Petunias, will die naturally; others,such as Standard Datura, can survive the winter indoors. Remember to water and feed potted plants regularly.

Planting and Aftercare

  1. Plant one basket with Lobelias, Fuchsias, and Scented Geraniums, and two otehrs with Nasturtiums and Scented Geraniums. Hang the baskets.

  2. Position three large pots to either side of baskets, planting a Datura in one pot and two Marguerites in each of the other pots.

  3. Place two bowl-shaped pots between large pots. Plant both types of Geraniums and Petunias in one, and a Hydrangea in the other.

  4. Place strawberry jar on left-hand side to form one end of the patio planting scheme. Plant the top with Petunias and Nasturtiums and the pockets with Ivy.

  5. Plant several small pots with Begonias and Scented Geraniums. Place around the feet of larger containers to fill all gaps.

  6. Water and feed plants regularly. Deadhead blooms and apray against aphids. In fall, replace with winter flowers and bulbs.

More Plants for Summer Patios

Hanging Baskets

Large Tubs

Large Pots

Small Pots

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