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20 Mar 20
Just yesterday I threw out a whole garbage packet of expired can food and all the rotten vegetables and unused left over food from the refrigerator. I came back feeling extremely guilty. I had just read that according to food wastage statistics the food wastage in America nears almost 6.7 million tonnes per year! I had just contributed to that wastage.

Need fast and simple solutions for your garage organization problems? Here are seven tips to help you get that garage in order and organized for good.

04 Apr 20

An outdoor bird feeder can bring much joy to just about any outdoor setting, whether it is in the yard, on a patio, or even the garden.

21 Apr 20

If you've looked through old family photos recently, you've probably noticed grandpa and grandma or mom and dad relaxing on Adirondack furniture. It's easy to understand why.

05 May 20

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12 May 20
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All About The Tumbling Compost Bin
A tumbling compost bin makes it possible to turn ordinary household garbage into soil to benefit their gardening efforts. Compost tumblers are simply drums that are designed to receive this garbage where it will be worked by turning the bin on a daily basis to keep the process evenly distributed.
04 Jun 20
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Alternative Emphysema Treatment
Emphysema is a degenerative lung disease that usually develops after many years of exposure to cigarette smoke or other toxins that pollute the air. It is one of a group of lung diseases referred to as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
27 Jun 20
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Best Fathers Day Gifts - Fiskars 7067 Garden Tool Set
Brief Overview Of The Garden Tool SetThe Fiskars 7067 3-Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set includes a trowel, cultivator, and transplanter, which makes it excellent for outdoor, patio and indoor gardening use.These tools are made of single-piece aluminum that makes it rust-resistant.
19 Jul 20
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Best Gardening Trends to Try in Your Garden This Year
Like other trends, gardening trends are also related to economy and weather factors. The United States is seeing one of the largest shifts in how people garden and how homeowners are landscaping their yards.
10 Aug 20
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Bringing Structure With Design To Your Garden
For anyone looking to add space, style and elegance to their garden, these versatile wooden structures are practical projects that can be built in a single weekend. Fall is an ideal time to consider outdoor architectural upgrades.
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23 Jul 20
You just had a refreshing brand new pool installed in your backyard. The weather is heating up and you cannot wait to just go out there and take a relaxing dip in the pool. Hold up one minute though, do you have everything in place of you to truly enjoy the space? Like, furniture for one.
26 Aug 20
People who wish to enhance the look and feel of their garden often add outdoor fountains to their outdoor design and decor. A garden fountain adds a touch of grace and beauty to an outdoor garden wall, garden, decorated patio, or plant-populated courtyard.
01 Oct 20
Solar lamp post lights have become a very popular addition to gardens all over the world. Choosing the right style of lighting for outdoor areas can be a challenge and selecting the perfect ones can take some time. However, once the correct lighting is chosen the outside area will look and feel great ensuring that every aspect of the garden is well it.
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28 Jul 20
It's good to have a yard that looks nice, but since your family may spend time enjoying the green grass, you will want to grow it organically. When you stick to this recommendation then your family and friends will not be at risk. Pick a type of grass that is definitely best designed to your local conditions so do some research before you grow.
12 Sep 20
A cooper weathervane is a very decorative item that has become very popular to have on display in gardens. They can easily be placed in a huge number of different areas including roofs, sheds, and garden areas. The outdoor space has become a huge feature of the house and people are taking greater effort to decorate these areas well.
10 Oct 20
Fruit growing in the garden can be rewarding and economical. The space available and position of the fruit plot are all that really limit a gardeners choice. Soft fruit, especially the best flavoured varieties, which are often unsuitable for commercial growers, can be eaten in perfect condition straight from the garden plant.
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