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March 20, 2020
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5 Tips to Reduce Food Wastage at Home!

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Just yesterday I threw out a whole garbage packet of expired can food and all the rotten vegetables and unused left over food from the refrigerator. I came back feeling extremely guilty. I had just read that according to food wastage statistics the food wastage in America nears almost 6.7 million tonnes per year! I had just contributed to that wastage. This made me even more determined to get some tips on reducing food wastage at my own home. I though I should share it with you too

Plan your menu

Planning your menu is important and it also makes the cooking easier and more organized. Once you plan your menu, all you have to do is create a list of what you need. Plan for a maximum of two days and avoid buying bulk food.

Stick to your menu

Sticking to the menu will help you stick to the list that you have made. Buy only what is in the list. On the spot purchase of food is often the reason why we buy unneeded food and end up wasting it. Ignore the offers and also your cravings. Buy loose vegetables and fruits and just the right amount of food. Of course buying your toddler a candy and sort can be exceptions, provided you are sure that its going to be eaten!

Refrigerator Rules

Often I buy all my vegetables in the beginning of the week, store them in the fridge and forget about them until the refrigerator starts reeking of rotten vegetables! Learn about storing food properly and use what you have learned. If the food that you bought last week is still in the fridge, bring them to the front and store the new batch behind. This way you won't forget the old food.

Creative Use of Leftovers

Ok, there is an apple that has gone soft in your refrigerator. You don't have to throw it out, make a smoothie out of it. Be more resourceful when it comes to food. Plan the next days menu with todays leftover in mind. For example all the Easter candies left at your home need not be wasted, Reuse them for other desserts.

Rotten food that has no hope can be turned into compost for your garden. Make optimum use of the food at your home.

Track your Food!

Before you plan your next menu, make an inventory of what you have at home. Try to use them in your menu for the next two days or so. Also keep track of the items that have longer shelf life and ensure that you use them in your menu. Keep track of what you have, what you are going to buy and what you don't need.

These tips are simple and all it asks of us is a slightly organized approach. I am gonna put them to use from today and I think you should do too. Tell me how you fare after you do use these tips ok and if you guys have any more tips please feel free to share them! God knows, we need it!


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