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April 4, 2020
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7 Quick and Easy Garage Organization Tips

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Need fast and simple solutions for your garage organization problems? Here are seven tips to help you get that garage in order and organized for good.

Hanging Racks

Getting racks that you can hang from the rafters of your garage works great for a variety of items. This garage organization solution works especially well for bikes. It keeps them from taking away valuable floor space while still keeping them easily accessible.


Hooks are a great solution for many garage items. Long handled items that have a hole in the end work well to hang on hooks. If you use tarps or any sort of cover for your car or grill, hanging these things on hooks in the garage when they are not in use works very well.


This is one of the best garage organization tips that there is. Pegboards are the most flexible and inexpensive garage organization tools that there is. You can easily change how your garage is organized just by changing where you put your pegboard holders.

When you do get it organized exactly the way you want, take a picture of it and hang the picture up next to the holders. Do this for every section of the garage that has pegboard holders. It works best to do this for each section of the pegboard rather than taking a picture of the entire thing.


The best way to use shelves in your garage is for storing containers and smaller items. Make sure that whatever shelving you install will be able to handle the weight load of what you are going to put on it.

Keep sharp and dangerous items off the floor

This is one of those garage organization tips that seems obvious but which is not always easy to follow. Making sure that things like rakes and hoes get put in their proper place is important for safety. When these items end up on the floor, you can have an unpleasant surprise if you are not watching where you are walking. Always put back items in their proper place that are potentially dangerous.

Secure hazardous items

This is another one of those garage organization tips that has to do with safety, always an important topic when you are dealing with garage storage. Anything that is toxic to humans or animals should be kept in a secure area that small children and pets cannot reach. Things like paint, weed killers, bug sprays and gas all belong in this category. If you have pets that go in the garage and they can climb, this means putting these items in high cabinets that you can close. If you have children, it is always a good idea to let them know at a young age what is and is not dangerous in the garage.

Wall Tool Holders

These work well for weed trimmers, shovels, rakes, garden equipment and brooms. Having a wall tool holder not only helps keep these items organized but it also means that they stay off the floor.


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